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Health Dynamics Associates

Health Dynamics Associates is a group of experienced Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychoanalysts & Psychologists in Holborn run by Julia Conklin, (BSc. Psychology 1st Class Hons, AdvDip Psychotherapy & Counselling Theory & Practice, BPC, UKCP).

Julia Conklin

Julia Conklin, (BSc. Psychology 1st Class Hons, AdvDip Psychotherapy & Counselling Theory & Practice, UKCP) is a fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist working full-time with individuals in private practice in Holborn, Central London.

Challenge & Crisis

Life’s difficulties begin at the heart of the individual. This is where we may go to glimpse the meaning of pain and struggle in each of our unique lifetimes.


An analysed self is one full of meaning, richness and power. When we surrender ourselves to thought, word and feeling we can begin to unravel the strands of ourselves, strands which at times can have us too tightly bound.

Therapy Offered

"For the best chance of insight and permanent change, Psychodynamic therapy or "depth therapy" is a preferred choice. 

It works to achieve maximum change in the individual.


Unlike CBT, the therapy we offer uproots difficulties at the deepest levels rather than "tidying you up" at the surface.”

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The City

Staple Inn
7 Grays Inn Road
High Holborn, WC1V 7QH

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Your First Step...

It's often hard to take the first step and contact a therapist. There are often so many mixed feelings. It is a leap of faith but one that many people say is the best thing they ever did for themselves.


Even if you feel unsure, please do telephone or email me and we can talk together through what you are feeling.


After a brief talk you might feel that you would like to meet. We can arrange an initial meeting of 50 minutes where I will invite you to talk and ask you some questions to understand what is troubling you.


Need to talk?

Face-to-face & virtual sessions now available.

Staple Inn
7 Grays Inn Road
High Holborn



Tel: 07886 201402

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