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Challenge and Crisis. man of words lars bo

Challenge and Crisis

Life’s difficulties begin at the heart of the individual. This is where we may go to glimpse the meaning of pain and struggle in each of our unique lifetimes. An analysed self is one full of meaning, richness and power. When we surrender ourselves to thought, word and feeling we can begin to unravel the strands of ourselves, strands which at times can have us too tightly bound.

Challenge and Crisis. Fishing Lars Bo

We like to keep things hidden from ourselves and for good reason. The world of ‘grownups’ has made many rules stating who we can and cannot be, how we should and should not feel. As we begin to piece together the many conflicting parts of ourselves we can begin to feel whole, to feel steady and to feel prepared for new challenges ahead. Just as the infant learns every day to adapt, so can the adult.

Challenge and Crisis. maison

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